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If the IRS has placed a tax lien on your property you can make an administrative demand that the IRS release the lien on the basis that the liability is:

You do that by:

1. Sending a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the IRS asking for a copy of the signed assessment.

2. Putting the FOIA response they send you in response together with an administrative demand letter showing authority from the courts saying that when the IRS fails to follow their assessment procedures the entire liability is rendered “legally unenforceable” and citing the statute that requires them to then remove the lien.

3. In that same letter, you threaten to sue the United States if they refuse or neglect to remove the lien.


I estimate that 100% of the people who read this will be able to use the FOIA response they get to pursue this method of lien removal. Technology has surpassed the regulations in place rendering the IRS in complete noncompliance with their own regulations and opening them up to remove lien suits.


If there are IRS tax liens on your property you can make an administrative demand that the IRS withdraw those liens on the basis that federal tax lien was not filed:


Using this procedure, you will have another shot at obtaining an administrative release of IRS liens by:

1. Sending a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the IRS asking for a copy of the Postal Form registered mailings are kept track of on when the IRS is placing tax liens on property.

2. Combining the response they send you with authority from the Internal Revenue Code and/or Internal Revenue Manual showing that the mailing related to the IRS tax lien was either not sent registered, as required by the Manual, or not timely, as required by the Code and demanding that the IRS release their lien.


This procedure has an estimated 95% likelihood of succeeding because the TREASURY INSPECTOR GENERAL in a 2006 audit report reviewing IRS tax liens estimated that 95% of the federal tax liens filed since 1999 had not been done according to administrative procedures. Under this statutory provision, after the IRS takes the tax lien off your property because it was not done according to administrative procedures…Congress rubs their nose in it by requiring the IRS to…

Of the federal tax lien Removal

WHAT IF The 1st letter DOESN'T WORK?




On the former (#1), you get to send another letter pursuant to a sister statute noticing the IRS of your intent to sue for the IRS's refusal to remove the lien. The second letter goes to someone in the IRS with authority and motivation to do what it takes to prevent you from suing. We all hope that action will be to remove the lien. If that doesn't work; if the IRS refuses to remove the tax lien from your property…you get to file suit! J Amazing results have been had after the suit was filed; more on that coming up.
Another thing I noticed while researching suits for refusal to remove a lien; almost everybody that was denied relief in a published case was because they didn't send a letter pursuant to the statute. There are very few, and perhaps none, where a proper letter was sent demanding the removal of a lien and the matter ended up in court. This causes me to believe that administrative relief for tax liens on property is a common occurrence.

On the latter (#2), you may file a mandamus action in Federal Court to compel the IRS to do their job and remove the procedurally defective lien. A mandamus action in Federal Court is all done on paper; no trial skills are needed.

Are you

I have heard many a story from people who have a tax lien on their property that have gotten some IRS tax advice from their mail friends or off the Internet. Almost all of them sent letters in trying to get some IRS tax relief and get the IRS to remove their tax liens. Most of the reports I get are that those letters have been completely unsuccessful frown in obtaining the release of IRS liens. If you have a property lien and your experiences have been similar, you are justified in being skeptical.


How many people do you know
that sent their letter requesting
relief from a tax lien based
on an invitation from Congress?

mailed letter

How many people do you know
whose letter contained a credible
threat of a remove lien suit?


How many people do you know
whose letter followed point by
point the requirements in the
statutes and the regulations
respecting release of IRS liens?


How many people do you know
that read stacks and stacks of
caselaw and statutes about
release of IRS liens before
writing their letter?

Stacks of papers



I have done each of the points above and had success. Take 39 minutes to watch my video, learn some more about me, watch video how I came up with these options for removal of tax liens, and the successes that some of my customers have had getting IRS relief when they have followed each of the above points.


Self help


oneFor lien removal on the basis that the lien is
your package includes:

· Current statutes & regulations respecting lien removal requirements including regulations setting forth assessment requirements that must take place before there can be a Federal tax lien placed
· 51 pgs. of notes taken from 23 cases on demands that the IRS remove their liens
· 13 pgs. of notes taken from 35 cases discussing the sister statute on remove lien suits
· A FOIA request for the signed assessment
· A FOIA appeal guide
· A sample of the 1st demand letter demanding the release of IRS liens
· Critiques to two notices of intent to sue
· Case law discussing when the liability is unenforceable centering around the results you will receive with your FOIA request.


twoFor lien removal on the basis that the IRS tax lien is not is not filed

your package includes:

· Current statutes & regulations entitling you to the withdrawal of federal tax liens including regulations setting forth mailing deadlines for notices of IRS tax liens
· Internal Revenue Manual provisions on the processing of registered mail for notices of IRS tax liens
· The Treasury Inspector General Audit report showing 95% of property liens are procedurally defective
· A sample demand letter to withdraw a property lien because of a procedural defect
· A FOIA asking for the Postal Form the IRS is to maintain for federal tax liens
· A Case discussing IRS registered mail process
· A Supreme Court decision-IRS must follow procedure laid out by law
· A Supreme Court decision saying that deadlines set by Congress respecting IRS tax lien notices must be kept
· Area Director addresses to send your tax lien removal demand letter to
· Technical Service addresses to send your tax liens demand letter to.



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You may solve your IRS levy or Federal tax lien with just a letter. On the other hand, you may have to file suit to force the release of your IRS lien or levy. You may want to begin to prepare to file suit. One of the things I would like to recommend that you do is to get my legal research video and law course that many have called excellent. It shows you how to go into the library and find sample complaints organized by statute. It shows how to find formats and arguments for any step of filing and prosecuting a remove lien or remove levy suit in Federal Court. Information like is contained in this material will level the playing field when you are matching wits with the U.S. Attorney in court over your bogus federal tax lien or IRS levy. Below, I offer a steep discount on both the law course and the research video when you order it with the Calling Off the Dogs package.

Read up about the law course (on CD) and Video (on DVD) here.

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When you order the Calling Off the Dogs lien and levy removal packages for $548.00, for an additional $135.00 you get the law course (available in digital only) and the research video which have both been put in downloadable format for this Lien/Levy PAC (please note that the downloads will take some time) for a total of:

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At this site is information on remove lien suits, tax lien property, and federal tax lien(s) that is better than almost all of the tax lien advice or IRS tax advice you can find out there. I believe you will find that IRS tax relief is available to those who become knowledgeable about the provisions in the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations for obtaining abatement from IRS tax liens, release of IRS liens, mitigation of tax liens, and information about relief from a property lien. There are legitimate ways in the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations to get IRS relief from a federal tax lien and this site makes it easy for you to access that information quickly and easily. Some of the information needed to obtain this relief is obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. Further down in this site is research you will need in order to obtain the alleviation of an IRS levy. When the research on this site is effectively utilized tax levy relief is available and you can experience tax freedom!
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